Genre: Shock Rock
Country: Finland
Label: AFM Records
Year: 2020

For many people, Lordi has been the hype of a particular period of time. They won a pan-European competition and at everyone’s surprise, they toured the world for the next two years and made headline appearances at festivals like Wacken and Ozzfest. There, the flame went out for many. However, for a large proportion of their followers, Lordi are inviolable by doing sold-out tours every two years, while continuing with an upward course, despite the difficulties they faced in the early part of the previous decade. It’s 2020 and Lordi is delivering the tenth album of their career, called “Killection”. Bored of clichés and one-track albums, this time they created a supposed compilation album. The tracks were imaginarely recorded, over a range of decades. 15 tracks, all coming from different eras. In order to reach this result, they were recorded according to the events of the time, so in “Killection” one will find both analogue and digital recordings. Some pieces belong to their already known sound identity, while others seem particularly distant, but beautiful. Some of them are “Zombimbo” which is a raw, disco track, and “Like a Bee To The Honey”, signed by Paul Stanley and Jean Beauvoir. “Horror For Hire, Up To No Good” and “I Dug A Hole In The Yard For You” seem to stand out more because of their familiar sound and pluralistic keyboard parts, without missing the exquisite Scarctic Circle Gatherings that this time are three! The whole concept succeeded. Lordi, after a few disappointments, managed to get a great result, as they due to go on the road in a few days with their new bass player.

4.5 / 6