Genre: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
Country: Finland
Label: AFM Records
Year: 2018

Lordi is a “love it” or “hate it” case of band. You will either adore them due to their catchy as fuck choruses (which never can come together with a great verse), their horror themed lyrics, mostly inspired by legendary 70’s – 80’s horror movies and of course for their terrifyingly beautiful image; complicated costumes, inspired characters and great performers. On the other hand, someone could easily charge them for waggery, which sometimes becomes greatly annoying, for some repetitive riffs and for bad puns on their song/album titles. In this case, they managed to balance everything. In other words, two years after a mediocre “Monstereophonic – Theaterror vs. Demonarchy”, Finland’s monsters are back with a great record called “Sexorcism”.

Τhe band’s latest years have gone a little downhill due to some internal factors (Drummer Otus’ death in 2012, followed by Lady Awa’s departure the same year, among others) that somehow affected the band in a way that their most recent records (especially 2013’s and 2016’s, with Scare Force One in 2014 being the exception to the rule, since it is still one of the best Lordi albums to date). In spite of everything, they are back and stronger than ever. Sexorcism is more heavy metal orientated, leaving this “bitter” maybe, last years’ hard rock behind. This time, good verses come with great choruses, while good riffs come with excellent keyboard moments (we owe a huge thank you to Nalle, the session keyboard player who helped the band while Hella was giving birth the last few years). Great examples of this are everywhere, from the opening “Sexorcism” to the outro “Haunting Season”. “Naked In My Cellar” has it all, and it has been fairly released along with a music video online. Those damn Lordi choruses, they stick like a earworm everytime!

Some other highlights are definitely “Polterchrist”, “Hot & Satanned” and “Romeo Ate Juliet”. “Your Tongue’s Got The Cat” is an example of all the thing that give me second thoughts with Lordi sometimes. A terrible verse, yet a great chorus. At least this time, those kind of examples are two, this and “Rimskin Assassin”.

As a whole, “Sexorcism” is definitely on the top 3 of the band’s releases. The compositions have this “Arockalypse” – “Deadache” – “Babez For Breakfast” vibe, with a more metal approach. I tried to be as objective as possible with a band that has been carved in my heart (and calf) for nearly a decade now.