Genre: Heavy Metal Doom
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Blood & Iron Records
Year: 2016

We have already reviewed Eric “Ike” Baestlein’s Cardiac Noose here on Metal Invader so now it is time to take a look to another band of this inquiring mind  (Lost Breed’s main man is behind Blind Legion and many more). Lost Breed is a band that was established in the late 80’s (1987) and played Doom/Heavy Metal in the years that they were active, until 1995. Even though their sound wasn’t 100% focused on Doom as none of their works was solid or concentrated strictly in Doom as many Hard Rock (mainly) or even classic rock elements were diffused here and there among their songs. You may know or recognized their name as the band that the one and only Wino once sang (check Wino Daze demo 1989 or the 2007 compilation that is basically a reissue of their same-titled demo -minus the cover on Motörhead “Iron Horse”-, plus unreleased songs recorded by Vengeance Brothers, Lost Breed minus vocalist Pat Lydon). After a short period Wino left the band in 1989 and Gary Tocco (Blind Legion singer) joined briefly the band, and they recorded songs for the ”Desert Fox/No Hope” single plus some more songs that would be for the supposed first Lost Breed album. The tape was shelved and forgotten after they found a permanent singer and got a deal with Hellhound Records in 1993 for their first album “The Evil Between you and Me”. So what we have here is a collection of recordings that would’ve been a third Lost Breed full-length. Not to be confused with a similar release entitled “Bow Down”. These 12 songs include not only the 1989 self-released 7″ songs but the Wino Daze demo songs we wrote earlier, with different lyrics sung by Tocco, except two of them by another singer who was with the band for a short time only. Some of these songs were later reworked with different lyrics for the debut Hellhound album. Please give a chance to listen a decent album and especially the forgotten gem called “Desert Fox”, that narrates a story based on Erwin Johannes Eugen Rommel (15.11. 1891 – 14.10.1944), popularly known as the Desert Fox, the famous German field marshal of World War II excellent war genius still a Nazi scum.  I give an extra ½ point for the nice work and the 16 page booklet with many rare photos and detailed band history from that early period.