Let’s cut to the chase: this is what lost and forgotten metal is all about. Unreleased stuff, rare tapes, and so on…Lost Realm Records is one of thes labels that are a 100% devoted to Heavy Metal, a true Defender of the Faith ! Their new release will be the forgotten gem “V7” from U.S. Thrashers, ACELDAMA.

Although they were formed in 1989, ACELDAMA are best known for their “Blood” album, released in 1996. In 1992 they recorded “V7”, an album that was only available on cassette tape and a very rare item nowadays. After some many years, we will be able to enjoy a CD version of this forgotten Michigan thrash metal band!

ACELDAMA could easily enter the elite club of the thrash metal power trios! It’s not easy to get such a powerful sound with only three band members. Even if they haven’t reached the heights of classic bands like DESTRUCTION, WHIPLASH or SODOM, it’s worth highlighting the dark and intense style of their compositions.

A warning has to be made: ACELDAMA is not your typical American thrash band. Here you will find a style much more closer to British thrash heroes DEATHWISH or TORANAGA. Fans of these two bands will surely enjoy songs like “Sung By The Priest” or “Blackened Souls”.
Deluxe edition limited to 500 copies, that will be out early 2021! More info available soon!