Genre: Symphonic Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Country: Italy
Year: 2015

Lately there’s a lot of buzz about conflicts between metal artists on the matter of who will register to himself only the name of the band that once made them known to the masses. We’ve so far witnessed many cases, with many famous and legendary names of the business, including intrigue, gossip to death and litigations pointing the winner of each trial.

Others compromise with the facts, in order to avoid ruining their longtime friendship and in the case of the so called Rhapsody (Rhapsody’s name and logo remain the same in both cases) Turilli and Staropoli have compromised and continued in separate ways, with Staropoli continuing as Rhapsody Of Fire and Turilli putting his name before Rhapsody’s for any legal use.

Under this name he has released yet another album, which I didn’t listen to, since I had lost my interest for Rhapsody in general some time ago. Since I had the opportunity to listen to his new work and to “criticize” it, I didn’t let the opportunity go to waste and I rekindled my interest in Luca Turilli since the album is much better comparing it to what he had produced with Rhapsody the previous years. Turilli’s solo albums were in the same style as Rhapsody’s and the only thing that had changed was the vocalist. For his project entitled “Dreamquest” I have nothing to say, as I haven’t checked it yet. As a musical genius and the visionary man that he is – and that’s not an irony – in «Prometheus, Symphonia Ignis Divinus» we meet a different version of Turilli and a different approach to what we call symphonic metal, Hollywood metal etc.

You’ll hear the quintessence of epic, cinematic, soundtrack metal in its true dimension; bombastic and dramatic. Each track is feels like a scene from a movie soundtrack, enriched by big epic choruses, traditional symphonic elements with the addition of a few folk and modern electronic sounds. It seems that Luca has thrown a lot of work on this album using two choirs, several guests participating (Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear), Dan Lucas (Karo) and David Readman (Pink Cream 69) among others) and on top of it, he did the production, he was responsible for the choral and orchestral parts and everything else, necessary for this record to be born.

In the line-up there is the addition of drummer Alex Landenburg (Mekong Delta) along with Luca Turilli (lead guitars/keyboards), Alessandro Conti (vocals, Trick Or Treat), Dominique Leurquin (lead/rhythm guitars), and Patrice Guers (bass). Note that the vocalist Alessandro Conti has tenor studies in “Corale Lirica Rossini”, the same school where Luciano Pavarotti was an attendee as well. In the high pitch vocals he reminds me of Andre Matos and his role in the choral parts is an important factor, since he knows how to get the work done perfectly.

Highlights are «Rosenkreuz (The Rose And The Cross)», «Anahata», «One Ring To Rule Them All», the wonderful oriental «King Solomon And The 72 Names Of God» and the eighteen-minute saga «Of Michael The Archangel And Lucifer’s Fall Part II: Codex Nemesis ». As a bonus track there is the cinematic cover version of «ThunderSteel» from Riot, which you should definitely listen to it. Unreal.