Genre: Black Metal
Country: Italy
Label: Realm & Ritual, Nigredo Productions, Wine & Fog Productions
Release: June 2021

LUM is one of the latest Black Metal proposals hailing from Italy, something that triggers our interest a bit more, as our neighbors have a long tradition of occult BM bands. The duo was formed last year and three months ago they released their first EP entitled “L’Feu e la Stria”.

LUM’s first effort is something like Egypt: it’s full in contrasts. On one hand we are dealing with a very eerie approach to reality, with a sense of inhumanity, while on the other hand we are welcomed by hospitable melodies, almost of the romantic kind. To better understand what I’m saying, “L’Feu e la Stria” is characterized by quite expressive guitars with a lot of distortion, but – strangely – not so expected compositions, a bass guitar that adds a multi-layered character to all the structures with its strong presence, mid-paced mainly drums and vocals that are completely supernatural – however emotionally charged and dramatic. Synthetically, we are not talking about an album that takes the genre one step further, since the ideas and techniques are simple and not that much sophisticated.

An important part of this release is the attention given to the creation of general aesthetics. The atmosphere that is built throughout the album is dark, almost dreamy and mystical, which transports you to a world of spirits where place and time are indefinable. At the same time, the compositions emit unfiltered raw emotions, marginally primitive in nature. I think the average listener will feel they’re balancing on the verge of madness, between the world of impulsive alternations of strong emotions and the world of romantic harmonies.

I believe that LUM have decided to rely on both music and the overall experience of the listener than just writing good music, which is actually great. Music is more than just simple fun; it should entertain you on various levels.