Genre: Hard Rock/Melodic Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: No Remorse Records
Year: 1985/2015

Lynx was one of those bands that while they played the right music (melodic metal), at the right time (mid 80’s), ultimately failed to snatch the coveted piece of glory. While they had all the makings to qualify, unfortunately failed in passing to the next stage, where bands like Europe, TNT and dozens of others have enjoyed the unlimited appreciation of the fans of the genre. As a result, ‘Caught In The Trap’ passed silently in the dustbin of history. 30 years until today, at the time of all this ‘old/obscure metal re-release frenzy’, it is presented to a new generation of melodic metal fans.

Although the melodic sound has never been my forte, this album gained my full interest for the reason that its music does not have to do with songs based on the keys, but on guitars.

Bad-ass sound, compositions that have nothing to envy from the legends of that era and a band technically excellent at all levels, although this is their first recording (Swedes … what did you expect?). The album mixes elaborately N.W.O.B.H.M. and AOR having as basis I would say the teachings of Ritchie Blackmore, from Rainbow mainly (Graham Bonnet and Joe Lynn Turner era) and a bit from Deep Purple. The songs that stand out are certainly: ‘My Own Way’, ‘Fingers Crossed’, ‘Final Race’, ‘Master Of Evil’ and the epic ‘Nightwalker’.

The ‘No Remorse’ cd edition consists of three additional tracks and a booklet of 20 pages. ‘Caught In The Trap’ is an essential release for fans of the melodic genre. For the incredulous ones that run away by just seeing the words ‘Hard Rock / Melodic Metal’ in the description, I have to say that this album is far more superior from the average AOR/Melodic bullshit out there.

4.5 / 6