Genre: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
Country: Germany
Label: No Remorse Records
Year: 2021

Lynx is the moniker of at least 6 known bands and Sweden’s Lynx that released “Caught in the Trap” in 1985 is probably the most famous. But these Lynx hailing from Giessen, Hesse (Germany) and “Watcher of Skies” is their debut full length that came earlier via Hellenic label No Remorse Records.

Truth be told I read some reviews this album had from many webzines (something I don’t usually do for albums that I have in schedule to review) and I really couldn’t understand if these guys were deaf or just never heard the album not even once in its entirety…

“Watcher of Skies” is a fine album, (not a masterpiece), if not brilliant, featuring 10 excellent compositions heavily inspired by the Classic Rock of the 70’s and the Melodic Heavy Metal/Hard Rock of the early 80’s. Lynx are influenced by bands like Blue Öyster Cult, Boston, Chicago and the early Scorpions, but we can hear also some darker moments as in “Savage Mountain”. The songs sound so passionate and flirting with AOR occasionally but never forget the Hard Rock origin and their electric nature. I would use more distortion in the guitars and the final result would sound closer to Heavy Metal, but tracks like “Heartbreak City” or “Grey Man” prove that things work great here as they are. Nice guitars and marvelous warm vocal lines.

The (analog) sound is a bit nostalgic and retro but it is so suitable to their musical vision that the crystal clear production helps for all their strong cards to shine. Lynx’s lineup appears Marvin Kiefer (g/v), Tim Künz (g/key), Phil Helm (b) and Franz Fesel (d), which create a tight team that works like a well-oiled machine of producing melodic rock anthems.

Highlights: “Heartbreak City”, “Watcher of Skies”, “Dark Shadows Rising” and “Lynx”.