The peculiarity of the American landscape and the distribution of bands per genre almost like a split-up in the 4 corners of the horizon has made LA the Glam metropolis and Sunset Strip Boulevard the one way street to the top, especially for those involved with that specific genre and its branches. In a nutshell, and especially for the decades of the 70’s and the 80’s, if you wanted to be big and conquer the world, you just had to conquer California’s capital. This was the same for everyone, save the New Yorkers. The Metropolis of the East, besides being a crossroad of cultures, can be proud of the many scenes its bands created and glorified. Legendary bands that achieved greatness there and an imposing legacy that was left in Glam with giants like Kiss and The New York Dolls that incarnated in its busy streets. M-16 were formed in 1983 by Glen Oliver (lead guitars), Tom Verrigni (drums), Steve “Mote” Vandyke (bass), Greg Simmons (vocals) και Gary Ranze (rhythm guitars). The time was such that the audience was thirsty for live shows not only of big names, but also from underground bands. In this fertile environment M-16 managed to build a good name based in the energy they produced on small clubs’ stages, playing covers of famous songs from Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Dokken and Scorpions. The same year, musical differences brought Ranze and Simmons out of the group with Eddie Scutt and Darren O’Brien replacing them. In 1985, original members Oliver, VanDyke and Verrigni decided to move on with new members Kevin Egnor in second guitar and talented Lenny Thomas behind the mic. After a few live shows came a new change behind the drums and at last some kind of stability in the line-up and a tour in East Coast clubs. The necessary experience on the road will be a big school for M-16 and the blending of the influences from those they shared the stage with (just to mention Armored Saint, Wrathchild America, Dirty Looks, Roxx, Triffid and cult heroes Blacksmith) will create its characteristic sound that will be printed in vinyl 3 years after. Locked And Loaded was released in 1988 by the band itself and sold more than 25.000 copies! With their sound being in between the ebb of Glam Rock and the flow of U.S. Power they managed in 8 compositions to combine melody, well cared riffs and impressive hooks, without losing their power and with Lenny Thomas’ great voice standing out. In 1989 they recorded two other songs once more with a new line up, which we come across in this year’s anniversary rerelease of the record through Prog AOR Records and Dyamond Roxx series. The cd is rereleased for the first time in Europe with the original cover with the Grim Reaper and the guitar in his hands (and not the one that was released in 2013 through Heaven And Hell Records with the blond girl with the machine gun in her hands, who wore a t shirt that was bearing the original cover) and beyond this album and the two ’89 demos, it contains a 12-page booklet with the history of the band and many rare photos. All of you who love melodic Hard Rock and you have Dokken Fifth Angel, Whitefoxx, Leatherwolf and Hawk’s same name record (1985) in display, invest without fear and let go with hymns like Much Too Young For Me and Tonite (It’s You).