Genre: Technical Death/Progressive Metal
Country: Israel
Year: 2015

We oftentimes refer to the hardships that local bands face in order for them to record, tour and in general propagate their music. I think that most of the times we do this we also tend to think of Northern Europe or the States. If we also consider any map of metal music around the world, in this regard, our country at the moment may not be in such a bad situation/standing. So, this mini epilogue serves as the reason for presenting Ma’anish from Israel. The band was formed in 2011 and managed to release their first finished work, the so-called ‘Under The Fig Tree’, back in 2015. It wasn’t just their iconoclastic, non-conformist relationship to metal due to their origins, but also the members of Ma’anish chose to involve themselves in a more ‘indigestible’ musical locution. Well, double congrats for doing so! To make myself clear, their characteristic elements consist of a more technical death metal approach, through a progressive ‘lens’. Vocals are solid af on most parts, rhythm section is concrete, whilst riff-wise is full of high speeds and lots of changes throughout that make this album perfect for the trained ear of the listener who is always up for a tough hearing. It’s actually one of those that need our time and full attention but grows on you every time you (re)listen to it, pleasing us a little bit more each time we do. For the somewhat special audience of this particular taste, this album is a must. This year the band also will release the single ‘Instructions For Alienation’ which sounds a little bit more versatile being even more focused on the technicality of playing, on the more progressive parts as well.