Genre: Heavy//Speed Metal
Country: Germany
Label: Relics from the Crypt
Year: 1987, reissue 2021

When you see the name “Mad Butcher” as a group name, you are sure that it’s a modern thrash group that plays thrash metal in a “Destruction” way. Nevertheless, the truth is very different. The only similarity is that they are both German bands. Otherwise, Mad Butcer are playing heavy/speed metal and they are older group than Destruction. They released 2 cult classics albums in 80’s which Relics from the Crypt the sub-label of DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS dedicated to keeping the past alive, undertook to re-release. They deserved more recognition for the value of these 2 albums. Also, they were one of the very first bands that played Teutonic metal back in 1981. Let’s see specifically what happens in “Metal Meat”. It’s in the same style as the previous “Metal Lightning Attack”. An early form of raw and unripe heavy/speed metal, a release from a scene that it was ready to born and conquer the hearts of thousands fans. I am referring to Teutonic metal. Mad Butcer delayed enough to release their first album and they lost to be the genitors of the genre. But also, in the purely musical part, “Metal Meat” is a cult classic diamond! It combines some basic principles of N.W.O.B.H.M. and the corresponding American scene of that time. Rough, raw and aggressive with nice guitar parts and a willingness to praise heavy metal in its fastest version. It has the aggression of German scene and something of the Exciter’s glow of the first period. Relics from the Crypt reissues “Metal Meat” on vinyl and enables a new generation of fans to listen to Mad Butcher and to learn and important band of German heavy metal.