Genre: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
Country: Germany
Label: Steamhammer
Year: 2020

Mad Max belong to the warriors of the melodic Hard Rock. With their ups and downs, they split-up 2 times in the past, but came back stronger in equal numbers. Many years of experience and rich discography, especially from 2005 and onwards. They have never been extremely popular in the sub-genre they followed, but they are a 100% guarantee for melodic Hard Rock, while sometimes they walk the line and hang around Heavy Metal alleys. Listening to “Stormchild Rising” made me think that probably the band during the rehearsals and composing the album, they sat down to discuss and came to the following decision … “Let’s make a classic Mad Max album, far from experimentation, an album that will feature all the elements they loved our followers all these years. An informal tribute to them, with the best possible effort from us.” Really, “Stormchild Rising” does not contain any surprises, but it has some very nice songs with the band showing emphatically that they still have it. Beautiful melodies, catchy choruses, rhythm section that serves the composition away from flutes. This Hard Rock that fills you with carefree and positive thoughts. I think this is coming out effortlessly to Mad Max and “Stormchild Rising is the perfect proof. The album features Ronnie Romero, Paul Shortino and Oz Fox. The album is already out since August 21 via Steamhammer.