Genre: Hardcore/Crossover
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Year: 2018

When you write a review for a band with strong personality you have the advantage of not searching for other groups that sound familiar in order to give a picture to your readers. Madball sound like Madball! As easy and simple, as that. The once side project of Agnostic Front is a long time now living legend and ‘For the Cause’ is one of their works that establish their reputation and can stand proudly next to their classics ‘Set It Off’ and ‘Hold It Down’. I wasn’t anticipating their ninth studio full length and the punch in my face was a bit hard to be honest as I wasn’t expecting a so convincing release. Close enough to be characterized as an instant classic this almost masterpiece is catchy as fuck based on the slogan/motto choruses-shouts, the impressive riff power and the dynamic production (the album was co-produced by Tim Armstrong and Tue Madsen mixed and mastered it) and the full energy that the band channelizes in all of the 13 songs of the record. The groove, the tense, the up-tempo that makes you wanna violent dance are 100% here. Fortunately the departure of long-time guitarist Brian ‘Mitts’ Daniels, who left the band was something that they overcame easily. Now the original guitarist Matt Henderson’s come back probably was catalytic to return to a more metallic approaching. I have to mention the tremendous performance of Cricien, that remains a top-notch vocalist and here shows why he is one of the few that can deliver the true meaning of hardcore. So many highlights, indeed…but even you that won’t buy ‘For The Cause’ definitely check ‘Rev Up,’ ‘The Fog (with Tim Timebomb and Steve Whale), ‘Es Tu Vida’, ‘Evil Ways’ (featuring Ice-T), ‘Old Fashioned’ and ‘Lone Wolf.’