Genre: Speed/Heavy Metal
Country: U.S.Α.
Label: Lost Realm Records
Year: 2018

Maelstrom is a word that nobody uses so often, especially we that don’t have English as a mother language, even when we want to speak about a vortex. In fact, it sounds more like the name of a Swedish tennis player or a non-well-known guitarist of a Scandinavian metal band than a speed metal band from Chicago, U.S. Speaking of Chicago we have to mention once again that this city is more famous about its Polish community than its metal scene, despite the fact that we are dealing with a huge state (Illinois). So, anyway Maelstrom were formed in 1983 by two brothers Joe and Nick Sanzeri (guitars and bass respectively) and their friend Jeff Haske (on drums that later was replaced by Nick Kuhlmann). The band made quite an impact among the fanatics of the genre mostly about their popular (amateur and totally obscure) video for the song ‘H-Bomb’. Their first effort was a 4-track tape entitled ‘Hammerhead’ (1986). These demo recordings are to be considered extremely rare and this collection has the privilege to offer us some unique stuff from the glorious 80’s. You can also find here ‘Unleash The Dog’ a song originally recorded (with Haske on drums) for the notable compilation ‘Chicago Metal Works Battalion’, ‘Valdamar’ as a bonus track and the ‘Break Down The wall’ 4-track tape that it was supposed to have a pacifistic theme about the Berlin Wall. If you enjoy early Exciter or Abbatoir (except ‘I Got You, Want’ that sounds like Van Halen!) and have the ‘strange’ hobby of gathering together obscure rarities from the 80’s, here is your new addition to your collection. Pure Speed metal made from the boyz to the boyz for the first time properly on cd. Nice effort, strictly for those that spare some money for similar releases. It comes with a 12-page booklet containing the band biography (written by Joe Sanzeri), band photos and song lyrics. Limited to 500 copies.