Regardless of how many times I listened to “Dusk to Dusk”, I couldn’t avoid the ascertainment that it was released in a wrong timing. In the wrong season. I am not referring to the actual year or our times in the broader sense, but simply to summer. And it might not be a particularly hot one here, but a rather rainy, still at this time of the year everything seems more relaxed and laid back.

Which is the exact opposite mood that the debut album of the impressive Swede Linnéa Olsson and her band puts you in. “Dusk To Dusk” needs you wired, it needs you alert and on your toes. Like when you are looking through your drawers to find which bill is still unpaid (just pick one girl, they all are…), or when you are looking for that last available free second after your alarm clock wakes you up to bring you back in a state of mandatory productivity. Like when you are struggling to remember where you left your dreams and at which point you realized that the redemption which comes through escape from reality is only temporary and not without consequences. Yes, it is a melancholic, dark record to listen to. Biomechanical, pessimistic post punk and very much urban. What would you expect from a songwriter that lives in our (miserable and bleak) age and is not stargazing about revolutions of other generations that lost either with their heads held high, or without even giving a fight. No, it couldn’t have been released in the late 70’s, or any other particular period. It has a timeless feel that the balance between intense lyrics, charged atmosphere and high quality music creates, but it is one of those modern sounds that you will be carrying with you for a long time.

“Dusk To Dusk” comes as a natural continuation of the “City Girls” EP (2017) again through the independent Teratology Sound & Vision and once more collaborating with Uno Bruniusson (PROCESSION, DEATH ALLEY, ex-IN SOLITUDE and GRAVE PLEASURES) on the drums and Gottfrid Åhman (NO FUTURE, REVEAL, ex-IN SOLITUDE, INVIDIOUS, REPUGNANT) on the bass. Olsson stated that this album was written and recorded fast, like the frenzy rhythms of a life in a city like Berlin, I would say. To start enumerating musical influences as if I am writing a press release seems pointless, since this record sounds just like Maggot Heart to my ears. The tour announcement with Voivod does not come as a surprise, even though they had only one EP in their luggage until now, as their song “Show Them Your Teeth” goes, Maggot Heart really showed us what they are made of with “Dusk To Dusk”.