With a little delay, the concert of the three of the most remarkable groups of our country started, of course each one is the best of its kind.

First launched Agnes Vein, that are based in Salonika. The movie Valhalla Rising, was projected in the background, and with their rugged black-epic sound, for 40 minutes they showed us that they are not considered unjustly already a big group. Their setlist was based in their latest LP Soulship. After a great warm up, we welcomed Aenaon that have released their second album Extance, and has received exceptional reviews. The group presented to us their material, that sounds to me like a perfect blend of Satyricon – Arcturus – Emperor – Dimmu Borgir, with an explosive stage performance and the help of a great sound. The headliners of the night, the athenians Mahakala, played Heavy – Rock with riffs that stick in your head, with a great on stage performance, a drummer that steals the show and a dark atmosphere based on their deput album Devil’s Music.

All told it was a powerful night with great sound during the whole show and the only negative thing is the low turnout, which however is in part justified because of the particularity of the date of the concert. Besides that, we keep the positive elements and truth to be told there were plenty!