It took nearly 35 years for this amazing epic metal band from New York to release their long-awaited first full length album. Originally back in 1988 they had released one of the most sought after demo tapes, a now considered to be classic cassette-only, same-titled EP.

Fast forward to 2021. The band finishes the recordings of their debut album with the same line-up that released their old EP. All 10 songs are in the same style to the EP, an amazing blend of U.S. epic metal with FATES WARNING “Awaken the Guardian” touches, coupled with the distinctive imposing vocals of Greg Tsaknakis, the razor sharp riffs of Nick Trotti and the pounding rhythm section of Tom Sauer (drums) and John Funk (bass).

“Hadrian’s Path” is a song taken from this album which will be released both on vinyl and CD, featuring original fantasy artwork, lyrics and photos. The sound was mastered by Nasos Nomilos at VU Productions, so expect one of the best releases of 2023.

Unfortunately, on the 6th of February 2022, John Funk unexpectedly passed away, so this album is dedicated to his memory and music legacy.

1. Fractured Mind
2. Guardian
3. Strawman Cometh
4. Lord Of Lies
5. Hadrian’s Path
6. Breaking Dawn
7. Plague Of Athens
8. Harbinger Of Chaos
9. No Turning Back
10. The Arrival