Style: Epic / Prog Metal
Country: USA
Label: Sonic Age Records / Cult Metal Classicss

It took nearly 35 years for this amazing epic metal band from New York to release their long-awaited first full length album.

Of course if you are reading this particular review I am sure that you are aware of the greatness of this specific band. And I am even more than sure that you know how unique is the musical style they deliver.

For those who do not know lets share some basic information, Originally back in 1988 MAJESTIC RYTE had released one of the most sought after demo tapes, a now considered to be classic cassette-only, same-titled EP.

Fast forward to 2021. The band finishes the recordings of their debut album with the same line-up that released their old EP. The distinctive imposing vocals of Greg Tsaknakis, the razor sharp riffs of Nick Trotti and the pounding rhythm section of Tom Sauer (drums) and John Funk (bass) are here.

Unfortunately, on the 6th of February 2022, John Funk unexpectedly passed away, so this debut full length is dedicated to his memory and music legacy.

So what can we expect from this debut album? Is the flame still here, 35 years after their initial release? The answer is YES.

MAJESTIC RYTE releases a very special type of Epic Metal combined with many technical and Prog touches inspired by the best Metal record of all time: and yes I am referring to the mighty “Awaken the Guardian” by FATES WARNING.

The songs are wisely developed under a very specific formula of of progression keeping the listener’s interest into extremely high levels. The riffs are blessed with a very special type complexity and on the same time they carry a remarkable epic feeling. The vocals are great, taking each and every song to the very next level.

I have to point that there are also some guitar themes that are reflecting a wider musical approaching focused on 90s, early 00s and even today’s Prog Metal standards. Those parts that are combined into the band’s wider Epic frame, are offering a very special touch into the band’s overall musicianship.

MAJESTIC RYTE are back! They are offering a high quality album that reflects the high standards that the band have set with their initial release. Hail MAJESTIC RYTE!