Genre: Death Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Century Media Records
Year: 2019

Brett Hoffman passed away two years ago and to be honest I didn’t believe that the band would keep on being active. However, there was also a vocalist change in the past with the amazing Kyle Symmons from Hateplow being member of the band for almost five years and with two albums releases (2001 – 2006). Phil Fasciana took the decision that Malevolent Creation must stay alive and keep spreading death and goddamn he was right.

Needless to mention that the artwork is childish (which is the only disadvantage of the album) so I will focus on music, which is amazing. Malevolent Creation have released very good albums in the last decade but for some strange reason “The 13th Beast” is my favorite. The new singer (and guitarist) Lee Wollenschlaeger is performing in excellent way , without trying to look like Hoffman. Of course his voice reminds us of Hoffman’s , as well as Keith DeVito’s too (Catastrophic, ex-Suffocation, ex-Pyrexia). Apart from singer the band has also a new drummer (Phillip Cancilla) and a new bassist (Josh Gibbs) who also seems to be fully adapted. The album consists of eleven tracks, the one better than the other. “Mandatory Butchery” as well as “Canvas of Flesh” are more thrash than death metal songs but that’s something the band has successfully done before. ”Release the Soul” is one of the best death metal songs I’ve heard through the last years, with its Bolt Thrower – like riffing and rhythm being astonishing. The blast-beats are used in clever way through the whole album, so the music and mainly the riffs are on the lead. Last but not least, the production is also very good.

Honestly I was sure that I was going to listen to another good album, but I came across a surprise. Colossal death metal storm from the masters. A band synonymous to quality, dignity and loyalty to the fans. Great they ‘ve been, greater they will be.