As it is already known for a year now, Manowar were supposed to headline one of this year’s Hellfest dates, as a part of their “Final Battle” tour. A few hours before their appearance, however, everything is cancelled. The promoters made this public by mentioning that “Manowar decided to leave the Hellfest site”, while Manowar themselves stated that “the promoters chose not to honor their contractual obligations.”

During their performance in Constantinoupolis, on July 20, Joey DeMaio spoke publicly over this, among others.

“The truth of the matter is we have filed a lawsuit against Hellfest organizers. We don’t fuck around. People try to fuck with our fans, we’re not gonna give our fans less than a hundred percent. We don’t take shit from anybody. And I’m sorry that people traveled from all over the world. I believe we will win this lawsuit, and when we do, we’re gonna take some money and we’re gonna find a country and we’re gonna find a city in that country that will have us, and we’re gonna play a free concert, and the whole fucking world is invited.”

See DeMaio’s speech here: