Genre: Occult Doom Metal
Country: Finland
Label: Mansion Records
Year: 2018

Mansion from Finland were formed in 2011 in Turku, Finland and after a handful of EP’s and split records, in 2018 released their first full length, entitled “First Death of The Lutheran”. The album includes a few passages, something that can make it quite dear to a wide variety of fans. Groove touches mixed up with psychedelic/stoner passages, female vocals with an eccentic complexion and intense doom influences are the recipe to the creation of this records. It consists of five tracks, one of which is a cover on Joy Division’s “The Eternal”, a song that, with boundless respect, recreated and put their seal in. Within its’ 43 minute length, “First Death of The Lutheran” transfers an aethereal, ecstatic, yet occult atmosphere, since Mansion’s themes revolve around a peculiar sect that appeared in the Christian fields in the middle of the 20th century in Finland, named Kartanolaisuus, whose axis had an eschatological perspective, all after a great Wrath of God. This matched perfectly the vibes of the album, no doubt. Musically, the band holds close bonds with Lucifer, yet I have to give a shoutout to Alma’s vocals, which makes clear how well she had studied Messiah Marcolin’s voice. An excellent effort, making us expect more in the future impatiently.