Genre: Black Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: Osmose Productions
Year: 1999

“The cover is the optical resemblance of our music, so is the music of Marduk, compact, and devastating and destructive, like a tank”

This was the declaration of Morgan when the particular disk was released in 1999.

That year Marduk showed that aggression in extreme sound has no labels. Personally, I do not rank it anywhere as “Panzer Division” is a non-stop speed seminar, with deep dark themes embraced by the military history of WW2.

No political piece in theme, this is the big mistake that many people make, confusing the throwback of a war with political views, as has happened before with Slayer, Motörhead, Morbid Angel and many others . For instance, a band inspired by the era of the Crusades is not evidence that its members are supporters of the Catholic Church, exactly the opposite in many cases. So now we have Marduk, drawing inspiration by the second world doesn’t mean that they are supporters of that 3rd Reich, albeit hey have stated that they do not promote any political views; they’re just lovers of martial history.


The production of the album was done by them in Abyss studio of Peter Tagtgren like their two previous works, who knew very well what they were Marduk wanted aurally , as he had followed them on tour as a sesson musician. Unbelievable bond between the members, unstoppable speeds, and as everything spins around a tank, as the tank needs its personnel and crew to operate and destroy everything around it, as it needs a driver, a gunner, a radio operator and so on, so is the case for Marduk, where everyone is the leader of his post and does what must be done in the best possible way!

Black metal was created extreme but as female vocals got in the way, as gothic style created great influence, as the use of keyboards created a looseness to the genre and started to become easier on the ear by many people, there came “Panzer Division” that ran over all this black metal lifestyle as an unstoppable tank and brought back successfully extreme black metal sounds in the foreground. It entered grindcore, death and thrash circles and in black of course, throwing the labels of “should” and relying purely on the need of 4 musicians to create martial, violent, disastrous music.

Morgan’s riffs became trademark, anyone who tried to do something similar will always be in the shadow of the Captain of Marduk (and I put myself into this lot…). Too many bands followed this war path with very good sound and synthetic yields, but none managed to reach this devastating greatness of Marduk, even themselves might not succeed again something so extreme … The album consists of a dream team of musicians, personally bassist B-War was the most exciting bassist in black metal; Legion had too many fans, a lot of whom never appreciated Mortuus (my personal view, completely wrong thinking …) and Andersson on drums, who was the gunner of the chariot !!

It is within my favorite discs, along with the “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas” by Mayhem, they are my favorite discs for different reasons and everyone, who is a fan of extreme sounds, should pay attention to this war brutality that goes by the name PANZER DIVISION MARDUK.

You will pay
For getting in our way
You will see How we will be
Fistfucking god’s planet !!