Genre: Sludge/ Doom metal
Country: Canada
Label: Unsigned/independent
Year: 2019
For fans of: Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard, Karma to Burn

It’s no more a surprise! Another band from Canada worth focusing on. Marécages is a new band but it’s members are underground veterans. They come from Quebec and they sing in French. I Usually find non-English vocals a bit irritating, but not this time. Maybe it is because of the great lethargic music, that everything sounds beautiful to my ears. Sludge/doom metal, putrid and ugly as it should be, filled with clever ideas and cool song-writing. The Black Sabbath touch is everywhere, and the “Marais Juana” outro sounds similar to ”Snowblind”. Last but not least, “Marais Juana – Une Ode Cannabique” is their debut release with an excellent artwork and is also available on a beautiful, limited green vinyl version.