Genre: Crust/ D-beat
Country: Sweden
Label: Southern lord
Year: 2016

This is the sixth album for the Swedes. Martyrdod is a peculiar case for the crust / d – beat scene. They have broken many standards by adding with absolute bravery and massive attitude, heavy metal melodies to their music, thus creating a metal atmosphere that hugs crust with a special kind of love. Well done to the boys, they’re great! Those of us who like this kind of music, we love Discharge and Avskum, but the time is ripe for some things to move forward without forgetting their roots. This is what Martyrdod do. They know where to stand, they know where they came from and from that point onwards they write their own pages in history. ‘List’ is close to ‘Elddop’, but couldn’t touch the perfection of ‘Paranoia’. The reason? Certainly due to the fact that the music included is actually too much. It’s not bad, however it gets tiring and I really believe they could have avoided it. Thirty five minutes, ten tracks; I really got enough music. Well crafted compositions, they’re not fooling the crowd. Martyrdod is a serious band with serious songs. It is understood that they deserve attention not only by those who love the crust scene but also metal, hardcore, punk, grind. I think Martyrdod can play everywhere, holding their ground with great force. They’ve got their ideology, however they don’t belong to the apolitical garbage that has plagued the music industry and generally hold their ground. Impeccable production, almost too clean. One can listen to every instrument with absolute clarity. The classically soulful vocals, quite one-dimensional, but with the specific compositions no one gets bored. They emit passion and have their own identity. Very good guitars, as well. At moments I thought that simply they could not get any better, they are excellent. It is an aggressive record, massively decent, by people who are missing from the crust scene. Invest safely, lovers of Martyrdod, even blindfolded! The album was released via Southern Lord.