Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Greece
Label: –
Year: 2017

These guys from Patra (Greece) are a band that comes to mind when thinking of an artist that knows how to handle the music press even though they are in the underground or during their first steps. Without exaggerating at all, these guys have no issues and they don’t have their brains above their heads, understanding that everyone has their opinions and they won’t really bother with a negative review, or they will find something positive in that in order to improve in the future. Their reply / promise about the future stating “we will make you write positively about us” was received by the editing team as a good sign that a band has an aim, and now we only have to see if they fulfilled their promise… And we reward this attitude, almost a year after the CD arrived in our offices and we still have the balls to present it to our reviews feed…But yes it is so good that we are forced to write a few words and it deserves your attention. The sound is quite modern, but not in the sense of reliving an aural visit to the future. Based on traditional heavy sound and with influences from various places, plus a gothic aesthetic that flirts at times with more epic passages (and very successfully too, in “Human Code” and in the super track “Spartacus”), it has a wonderful simplicity and collection of melodies. I think it compositionally is at a good level and they are obviously improved compared to their debut from four years ago. The vocals need some work, not so much to how they are expressed (it helps that the singer himself writes the lyrics) but to the accent that is clearly “Greek”. The production also needs some improvement even though it’s not annoying, just some ideas in the guitars are really impressive and maybe they needed something more to give them space, an experienced producer would have helped. Labels do not have meaning and whoever likes melodic heavy metal should check them out.