Genre: Power/Speed metal
Country: Germany
Label: Limb Music
Year: 2017

Masters of  Disguise started their career deeply influenced by Savage Grace (their name is taken from the great Savage Grace debut), as all the instrumentalists have been part of Savage Grace’s touring line up. The band is more than just active, having released three albums and two E.P.s during the 5 years of its existence. The new album – “Alpha / Omega” – has obvious similarities with its predecessor, but the more you listen to it, the more you appreciate its own music. Although the main influence is still Savage Grace, there are also parts reminding the first Blind Guardian albums, as well as a taste of Agent Steel in the air. The songs are mostly fast with great solos, and the sound production is very good for its genre. I also enjoy song titles like “Witchhammer”, “Sign of the Cross”, “Sacrifice” – all loyal to true metal spirit. The highlight of the album is the self-titled track: heavy as hell with a killing refrain! “The Leech” could easily be an Enforcer song. The artwork is beautiful, but a bit too modern-colored for my taste.  A great album by a band that enjoys their heavy metal without exaggerations or innovations. True, honest and heavy. Play it loud.

4.5 /6