Mastodon will be releasing a new album, titled “Hushed And Grim,” on October 29. The apparent cover art can be seen above and the track listing as well as “Pushing the Tides”, a first track to hear can be found below:

“Hushed And Grim” Track Listing:

01. “Pain With An Anchor”
02. “The Crux”
03. “Sickle And Peace”
04. “More Than I Could Chew”
05. “The Beast”
06. “Skeleton Of Splendor”
07. “Teardrinker”
08. “Pushing The Tides”
09. “Peace And Tranquility”
10. “Dagger”
11. “Had It All”
12. “Savage Lands”
13. “Gobblers Of Dregs”
14. “Eyes Of Serpents”
15. “Gigantium”