Genre:Heavy Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Lost Realm Records
Year: 2018

Sometimes I think we’ve reached a point where it’s not who you are but it only matters who they say or think you are. And the problem is whether all these affect you in your inner self. Still there are some individuals that, despite the fact that they never made it big time and spared their lives on the underground and in the shadows don’t give a shit what people think of their past, and to be really honest they have indeed done something in their youth that makes them important. Important for the minority that realizes the importance of the underground movement. The very few that always like to give a second chance to this small group of bands that had the sparkle, had the potential and for one -or a million-reason(s) never made it. Max Trixi is one of these bands with the not so fancy and probably silly name that enriched our music with true love and devotion without winning anything if you think that everything is counted with money and fame, or what the masses think about you. Their adventure started in 1987 in Carlsbad, New Mexico, when they originally formed from a couple of previous bands. They even had keyboards in their early beginning and Kenny did most of the singing. As they adopted a more metal approach, dropped the keyboards and Kathi took over the lead vocals. Mike Lariviere, Java Valenzuela, Kathi Young & Kenney Young made up the original band. They recorded their first demo in their hometown of Carlsbad,(NM) at a local studio and their sophomore in Mindland, (TX) at No Mountain Studios. In August of 1990 Max Trixi moved to Austin, (TX) to try to promote the band. Java and Mike adopted after only 6 weeks because money was tight. Java had a new baby back in Carlsbad and Mike’s grandmother was very ill. Kathi and Young decided to continue and after many auditions added two new members to their lineup : Jimmy Stewart on bass and Buzz Brument on drums. The journey ended in Austin in late 1991. Now with the help of technology and the passion for hidden treasures of Lost Realm Records this totally obscure recordings entitled ‘To The Max 1987 / 1990’ and remastered by Bart Gabriel are offered in a limited to 300 pieces cd edition with a 12-page booklet with song lyrics, band biography and rare band photos. Simple structure but filled with catchy riffs and clever solos and a feminine touch on the full of tense vocals establishes the 14 songs of this interesting compilation that will bring in mind Taist of Iron, Chastain and Malteze.