Genre: Black Metal/ Punk
Country: Norway
Label: Century Media
Year: 2021

Europe’s most notorious extreme metal act still burns like hot fire – Norwegian Mayhem, less than two years after the release of their successful studio album “Daemon” are back with an EP that combines the regular Norwegian black metal sound we’re used to, along with punk and rock ‘n’ roll elements coming from four different cover songs, following the pattern of bands such as Aura Noir, Venom and Darkthrone.

Mayhem never cease to surprise the fans with tunes and melodies straight out of the abyss, and this EP doesn’t necessarily stay away from this pattern. The EP kicks in with the single “Voces Ab Alta” that had already initiated the hype around the albuma few days ago. The track presages all the great evil that follows, only to reach its climax with the punkish vibes later on, bringing us back to 1994. Coming up, “Black Glass Communion” has more elements that refer to the past than it’s predecessor, where the drums and the vocal line are both greatly upgraded, while “Everlasting Dying Flame” comes to conclude this first mass of blackness. This triptych covers the first side of the 12’’ EP. Immediately afterwards, there are four covers that follow, according to what was mentioned in the beginning of the text. “In Defense of Our Future” by Discharge, “Hellnation” by Dead Kennedys, “Only Death” by Rudimentary Peni” and “Commando” by Ramones. I was personally astonished more from the last two ones, right next to the first three tracks. It’s a different approach, but it’s Mayhem, right? Who doesn’t love a black metal punk coctail anyway?

“Atavistic Black Disorder/Kommando” is another splendid release that stands proud next to Mayhem’s glorious discography. A new level is due to their next studio album, according to what’s been teased in here, but the band will never fail to please the utter darkness lovers. The abyss is literally staring back at you.