It was not long ago when we wrote about Medieval Steel and their new album that was a total blast and personal ally speaking that came out of nowhere. Well once we will speak again for the obscure cult band but this time for one of their classics even though we are actually dealing with a combination album.

Fans of the underground and loyal soldiers to the steel probably already own this record but of course there are still plenty who either were young in 2005 (for anyone that may have never heard a single not from Medieval Steel then you must expect something between of Riot, early Queensrÿche, Virgin Steele, Manilla Road and Warlord) or couldn’t find the original edition as it was quickly sold out were expecting as true defenders of the faith the moment that “The Dungeon Tapes” will be reissued. You see it was not only their famous EP that has gained a mythical status.

Memphis, Tennessee based US band was formed in 1982, and two years later released same titled debut EP. “The Dungeon Tapes” compilation was originally out in 2005 (and it was actually the first release after the 2003 reunion of the Americans) and featured all the tracks from the self-titled EP, some choices from the band’s demos records during 1983-1985 and 1987 and three new back then songs records in 2004. All tracks have been restored and mastered by the heavy metal veteran Bart Gabriel. Surprisingly the compilation has a solid flow. All tracks sound like they were written in the same era and truth be told as they were written in the mid 80’s! All compositions shine; the straightforward 80’s metal works perfectly as its hostility is blended with the melody, the epic touches and the catchy choruses, while the performance and the top notch song writing makes this album essentially necessary to all fans of the sub-genre. Don’t miss the new reissues from Skol Records in cd and Lost Realm in vinyl. Both editions will be strictly limited, and will include booklets with previously unseen band photos and lyrics to all the songs. Now it’s a great chance to add in your collection a brilliant compilation that features legendary songs and some obscure classics of the underground sung by one of the very best underground Heavy Metal vocalists (also band’s founder) Bobby Franklin.

Highlights: “Battle Beyond The Stars”, “Echoes”, “To Kill A King” and…of course the cult all time sacred classic “Medieval Steel”.