Megadeth from best to worst. They have a little bit of both. We worship them, we call them names (because we worship them) and there is no way we’ll agree on the ranking. Talking ends here, we take a deep breath and go…

  1. Rust in Peace (1990)

It was the Cryptic Writings era when Mustaine said in an interview “There are better players than me, there are better compositors than me, but how many players and compositors are better than me?”  You know what Dave? Few… This album is a summit that Megadeth never set foot on again. Not them or anyone else.

2. Peace Sells (1986)

This one could be No 1 on the list but unfortunately there’s RIP. Many tried to sound like Megadeth on Peace, especially back then, but ended up in the second hand section with a really low price on them. Who said that hatred for your previous band and love for your drugs can do you harm?

3. Killing is my Business (1985)

Answering the question above, probably their record company when they heard KIMB. Who gives a damn that this album hasn’t got the 96 digital channels of Countdown when it’s really furious, ferocious and aggressive? Oh, and the remastered edition or the versions of songs with alternative lyrics from time to time, should be punished by death. Or even worse with a listening of Risk. Rattle your goddamn head…

4. Countdown To Extinction (1992)

If you haven’t start swearing, here’s your chance to start! This album is in this place mostly for emotional reasons since I bought it a few months after its release and ruined the album twice playing it. Not that it doesn’t deserve it too eh?

5. So Far, So Good… So What? (1988)

The Jonah of their discography. This album had the bad luck (and the bad production) to be released between two of the best album in American metal. That’s why when metalheads talk about Deth they won’t mention it as their favorite, but when it comes down to the tracks one by one they all kick ass.

6. Cryptic Writings (1997)

The reason that Cryptic is here instead of Youthanasia is that it has a flow. Less heavy but faster, more radio friendly for sure but even the hits have a meaning.

7. Youthanasia (1994)

Half the album could be on Countdown. Thing is that the other half sounds like the leftovers of Countdown. But the good half is good. Real good.

8. Hidden Treasures (1995)

It has some covers in it, unreleased tracks, songs from compilations and it’s not a regular album. But you wish it was since it has Angry again, Breakpoint and Go to Hell right?

9. Τhe System Has Failed (2004)

The turnback. Ok, there are some really good tracks in there, some that sound like “we play like we used to” and some that nobody would miss. Good to mediocre.

10. The World Needs A Hero (2001)

If Pitrelli wasn’t here this one would be higher on this list. Of course it’s not all his fault. Half the album is very good and half is perfect to practice yawning.

11. United Abominations (2007)

The weirdo. UA floors it from the beginning to the end. But in the end part from 2-3 tracks, you stare in the infinite wondering what went wrong and this is not your favorite Deth album. Well, it’s not good that’s why.

12. Dystopia (2016)

The fresh one. Maybe in a few years and few listenings more, it will climb higher on this list but till then this sticks with UA. Which is not a good thing.

13. Endgame (2009)

Dear reader. If you haven’t realized so far, we’ve dropped below mediocrity for some time now. So we dive too. Endgame is bad really and some of us wish it never existed.

14. Thirteen (2011)

Another ultra turd from Deth. This is the bad one since it’s insulting everyone who listens to it. Look for it in the comedy section on your local video store.

15. Super Collider (2013)

If by any chance this disappeared from their discography, nobody would miss it. This is more useless than a wool sweater in the desert. It deserves more humiliation but sadly we haven’t reached the bottom yet.

16. Risk (1999)

Here’s the bottom. Nadir. One of the worst albums in history of mankind. It was released when the band had a great streak of classic albums and was hated instantly by millions around the globe. This one is the most disappointing album ever.