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Genre: Black metal
Country: Greece
Label: Iron Bonehead Productions
Year: 2018


Melan Selas is a black metal project from Trikala. The band’s members are D.K. (Riffobia) who is responsible for music and Astraea (Oletir) on vocals and lyrics. Ρέον (Reon) is basically a compilation where we find their first Ep ‘Melan Selas’ (first time on vinyl), which was released back in 2016, as well as two brand new songs.

On the B side of the vinyl we can find the ‘Ep. For those who have not heard their first ‘Ep, the four songs that make up the album, pay tribute to the Greek black metal scene and will surely satisfy fans of Rotting Christ and Zemial. The songs are more atmospheric, raw and thrashy than the new ones. On the A side, we find two new songs recorded in the summer of 2017. Melan Selas’ new material is more epic, longer in duration, thrash elements start to fade, bass goes up and vocals sound more passionate, while there is a greater use of clean vocals. ‘Orkos’ and ‘Aema’, drowned in a Bathory-aura, are delightful and highly addictive, and will hardly leave the listeners unmotivated.

Melan Selas got a good boost with this release from Iron Bonehead and it’s up to them to turn that into an opportunity. We highly anticipate their first full length work.