Melan Selas, Greece, Black, 2018, News, Iron Bonehead Productions

Greek black metallers Melan Selas, comprised of vocalist/lyricist Ἀστραία (Astraea) – Oletir and multi-instrumentalist D.K., are going to release a compilation, entitled ‘Reon’, on May 25th via Iron Bonehead Productions. Check the cover artwork and the tracklist below.

Tracklisting for Melan Selas’ Reon
Side A:
1. Orkos
2. Aema
Side B:
1. Ethereal Annihilation
2. Ancient Spirit
3. Of Winter
4. Selana

The compilation will contain their first 2016 ‘Ep ‘Melan Selas’ and two brand new songs. The group presents the new song ‘Orkos’, you can listen below: