Genre: Death Metal
Country: France
Label: Repulsive Echo Records
Year: 2022

This is the first demo from the French MESSE MORTUAIRE that is officially released on CD by Greek label Repulsive Echo.

The album is a killer as the French are playing blasphemous Death Metal without showing any mercy at all. They masterfully combine Autopsy’s rotten sound with the imposed chaos of Blasphemy in a final result that praises absolute darkness.

A real ode to Death taken out of the very depths of abyss. Sound cavernous and primitive but at the same time so chaotic. The material, in addition to its clear Death Metal base, also contains Black Metal elements in its audio frame.

Extra kudos for the intro and the outro, written by Ludo ‘Evil’ Lejeune (Evil Omen Records). The initiates have already understood what we are dealing here with. Such top-notch releases are where Death Metal rediscovers its true meaning. Be sure to check it out.