Jean-Pascal Fournier, an artist and graphic designer known for working on a number of metal album covers, has been accused of murdering his father, Jean-Paul Fournier. The artist was arrested and taken into custody in Grenoble, France on Thursday (April 2), following a suicide attempt, according to French newspapers Le Dauphiné Libéré and Le Parisien. The reports state that Jean-Pascal’s father was found dead in his home, disemboweled while his head was pierced with an arrow and had been “hit repeatedly” with an unknown object. When police arrived on the scene, Jean-Paul’s wife, who was described as “sick” and “elderly” was upstairs in the home. The 80-year-old was murdered on Wednesday night (April 1), the same night that. According to the reports, Jean-Pascal attempted to commit suicide on Thursday (April 2) by jumping off a bridge and into the Isère river. After firefighters recovered him he was taken into police custody.

Jean-Pascal Fournier has worked on more than 200 album covers – including Impaled Nazarene’s ‘Ugra-Karma’, Immortal’s ‘At the Heart of Winter’ and Edguy’s ‘The Savage Poetry’ – over the course of his nearly two-and-half-decade career.

He has also designed the logos of a number of well-known metal acts.