Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: US
Label: Rat Pak Records
Year: 2017

It’s the first time I present a live album and to be sincere, I believed that our loving chief editor, who has dealt with all the live releases or someone of the editors who went to their concerts in Athens or Thessaloniki would take this up, since I sadly couldn’t be there. The return of Mike Howe is accompanied with a perfect album that wins you over the more you listen to it. It’s the same though, for the more dubious people about the motives of the return and the attitude of the band. “XI” destroyed, the tour that followed was successful so what is needed to continue this good path? The correct choosing of tracks. So, by choosing three tracks from the David Wayne era and six from the first period of Howe at Metal Church, plus one new studio recording of “Fake Healer” with the singer of Queensrych, Todd La Torre (with this collaboration being the idea of the owner of Rat Pak, Joe O’Brien), the right chosen track listing was done! See, it was not difficult to find a playlist of ten massive tracks, so that they can form an anniversary release that will fill the void until their next studio work. The rise under the title “Classic Live”, which also is the third official live release (after “Live in Japan” from Blackheart Records and “Live” by Steamhammer, both released in 1998), are “Beyond the Black”, “Watch the Children Pray”, “Human Factor”, “Start the Fire” and “No Friend of Mine”. It will be released in CD on two editions and I suggest the vinul edition with 300 copies worldwide only, produced by their drummer Kurdt Vanderhoof.