Genre: Heavy/Power Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Rat Pak Records
Year: 2020

If this particular collection was a typical best of, it would not have a reason for presentation in the column. But it is a nicely-put collection that contains much and interesting stuff about the band. First, we come across 3 brand new songs, plus a re-run of the classic “Conductor”. Classic Heavy / Power as we are used to in their latest releases, with Mike Howe shining again with the band. We’re talking about some very beautiful stands, that open up the appetite for a new release and certify the good shape in which the band is. Then there are 5 compositions that even though they were recorded during the creation period of “Damned If you Do”, they did not find a place on the album. With a quick thought, one might think that these are second-rate songs that simply did not fit into an admittedly very good album. Fortunately, things are not quite so. With the exception of the 2 instrumentals, the 3 other songs are up to quality and in the style of the album, and really could be comfortable fitted there. Why this did not happen is something that only the band can know. I think that concludes the main part of the collection. Here comes 3 covers that demonstrate the love of Metal Church for classic rock sound, as well as 2 live recordings from a recent tour of the group in Japan. In one way or another, anything you come across in “From the Vault” is everything about Metal Church of today. A very interesting collection that attests to their re-rise and does not appeal exclusively to their fanatical fans.