Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Canada
Label: High Roller
Year: 2019

Metalian introduced themselves to us back in 2009 with “Wasteland”, however since heavy metal started growing once more the past few years, they won our hearts in 2017 with “Midnight Rider”. Those canadian pals, remaining true to the archetype their compatriots defend, as well as their duty to go full speed ahead, they come back with “Vortex”. “Vortex” is exactly what I was expecting to hear from Metalian, who are accustomed to the Udo-era Accept, when it comes to their music. Rock ‘n’ roll attitude, patches, tank tops, full speed, high pitched vocals and oldschool riffs, “Vortex” can easily be one of the best releases of the year for the heavy metal audiences, since the releases in this genre are starting to fade away once more, unfortunately. True to heavy metal, true to us, High Roller is once again delivering an amazing record, so please, do yourself a favor and check out “Vortex”.