Genre: Black Metal
Country: Poland
Label: Northern Heritage
Year: 2019

Mgla, in 2015, managed after 10 years of hard work to consolidate their name, releasing one of the best Black Metal Albums of the 10’s.  “Exercises Ιn Futility” was loved, almost adored and created the right environment for them to become one of the greatest names of the genre. Before you continue reading (and before you start sending  messages that are reminiscent of chimpanzees and content-less), let me remind you that the most likely and most sensible scenario is that, those who “clicked” on this link, they didn’t do so to read about if Mgla are right-wing extremists, or nazis or if the magazine gives consent/a step-in to right-wing extremist bands (if the Poles prove as such). He pressed it to read Invader’s opinion on the album itself, as a separate entity, separated from its creators. Personally I’ve never been a fan of the Polish, but that doesn’t prevent anyone to understand the excellent quality of the albums -especially of “Exercises In Futility”- and, on the other hand, nor blinded me this quality to overlook the “flirting” of members of the band with somewhat dangerous ideologies, that were in fact mainly annoying and the opposite of my beliefs and my ideals. I am not here to argue about how someone can or should separate the artist from the person  or the creator from the citizen. In fact, annoying seems to be the acceptance of the record as a masterpiece, for those who are not concerned with the ideological identity of the members of the band or may agree with it, and the complete obsolescence of the disc like a piece of trash or an unworthy reference to those who are in the opposite group. Four years later, and with a completely changed status, Mgla returns with an album that is not very different from its predecessor. Basically based on all the elements that made them stand out, with a nihilistic aura that immobilizes their believers. Introverted sounds, with drums being dominant and giving tone with constant changes in tempo and speeds and melodic guitars being melancholic and mournful. The lyrics of course do not play any minor or secondary role. The pronunciation and articulation of each word has its meaning and the meaning of each phrase is emphasized, creating an ablative, cynical and fatalistic manifesto. It is one of the best moments of the year, it will be discussed, for several reasons, but in the end of it all everyone’s decision is a personal matter and will depend on rules and conditions that everyone puts in their lives. The age of excuse followed the era of innocence and most simply pretend, as always…