Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: –
Year: 2020

French Meurtrières, Sölicitör from Seattle, Wasteland Coven from Ohio and Hitter from Chicago have one a common with Midnight Dice. They will never be as famous as Judas Priest or have the sales of Van Halen… Ok, I’m kiddin’, not that they will ever have a big status like the aforementioned megatheriums I’ve mentioned above. Still these bands have released in 2020 brilliant albums, EPs, demo or singles of pure face melting Heavy Metal and have a female singer. Midnight Dice are highly energetic as they release a demo in 2019 and this is their second EP in 2020 (the first one was out in March entitled “Lights Out… In Hamburg”) and have also a split with Hitter. They were born from the ashes of Satan’s Hollow, -and actually could be considered as their successors-, a speed metal band that its 2017 debut studio album made quiet an impact to the underground circles. “Hypnotized” that will be out in vinyl, CD and cassette later this year and now is available only digitally via the band’s bandcamp page, has great riffs, excellent solos, thick bass lines, steady drums and a charismatic vocalist that knows how to make you feel the lyrics and gives an extra adrenaline injection to the songs rhythm. A 20 minutes long EP that sounds melodic, dynamic and full of fresh ideas. Nice job indeed!

Band members:
Jose Salazar – Bass
Patrick “Rusty” Glockle – Drums
Steve “Lethal” Beaudette – Guitars
Mandy Martillo – Vocals