Midnight, Black, Speed, U.S.A., 2022, News, Metal Blade Records

Genre: Black / Speed / RnR
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Metal Blade
Release: 03/2022

Do you feel the need to grab a bottle of whiskey and dance to some unholy rock ‘n’ roll at your local cemetery of contemporary music? Are you looking for someone dressed in leather and bullet-belts to headbang with you? Would you like to fill your life with excitement? Then listen to Midnight’s “Let There Be Witchery” and let it guide you through its rotten paths.

Two years after “Rebirth By Blasphemy”, Midnight strike back with an album that has dominated every single device I own that’s capable of playing music these past few days. “Let There By Witchery” confirms in the best possible way that Athenar is currently holding the scepter of the modern dark Rock’n’Roll kingdom.

With a slightly cleaner production than usual, Midnight in just 34 minutes managed to release the loudest “fuck of and die” album that will surely be on the highest ranks of everyone’s annual top-10 list at the end of the year. While the compositions of the tracks do not fall far from the band’s successful recipe, the final result sets our mind on fire. All the structures revolve around the hurricane caused by sick riffs and crushing solos, a popping bass that has a loud presence and the battering of the drums that feels like whipping on bare skin, while Athenar’s vocals set the mood straight away, as always. Elements such as the chaotic escalations, the very catchy choruses that stick with you for hours for hours, as well as the completely ominous atmosphere that dominates the album serve as aces up Athenar’s sleeve and urge you to form a lasso out of your pants’ hanging chains.
The best things in life don’t require long descriptions; all you need is to set yourself free and let that rush of emotions conquer your being. So, confirm the order of your physical copy, hit the play button and leave the rest to Midnight.

Highlight: The change in speed and mood while passing from “Nocturnal Molestation” to “More Torment”. Absolutely brilliant.