by Sofie Vakidou & Giorgos Tsekas

French impressionists where not the first to observe but probably the first to say it loud that colors have a different impact or sense to human eye according to which other color is near or next to it.  In metal terms you can see an album’s value and how it reflects if you put next to it the rest of the band’s discography or other similar records of the genre or albums 1that were out in the same period. Or you can see how strong is a disc if you see how you compare it with iconic albums or a work from a band that inspired its creators. Impressionism as a movement had some techniques and characteristics. One of them was avoiding the use of black paint. If you think it a little deeper black is the only color that is appears the same to human senses no matter which color is next to because it takes elegance from its own darkness. Black ‘n Roll was born in the eighties with all its glory and it’s grotesque aesthetic in order to stop Rock ‘n Roll from being the impersonation of the decline of white bourgeois youth. Now almost three decades later despite the ups and downs through all these years the genre stands tall and brutal, unholy, violent and brave against  cultural mash-up and humanity’s mental collapse helping to destroy the crumbling civilization, the sooner the better. Certainly Μidnight can’t be placed next to Monet or sing the soundtrack of Impressionism no matter have impressive is their music as their style is closer to raw, damn fuckin’ raw hedonistic realism.

I ain’t no poet and I’m definitely not the best at describing things, which is why you won’t catch me reviewing albums all that often nowadays. I guess I’m just too straight forward, a bit lackluster when it comes to adding unnecessary embellishments, I just want to be quick and straight to the point. I guess you could say that in a way, I and Satanic Royalty have some things in common…

Straight outta Cleveland, Midnights first full length album was released in 2011, some 8 years after the release of their first demo. With Athenar on…everything, the album kicks off with the self titled track that gives you the Cronos vibes straight away. Rumors have it that if you play the intro of Satanic Royalty backwards, it says “I LOVE VENOM”. No, but for real, buckle up because you’re in for a great black n roll ride. This album is fast, raw, filthy, it’s awesome man!

“You can’t stop steel” is the second track, which I’m bringing up since it’s one of their hits and if it doesn’t make you wanna “get off your knees and fight” then you’re probably wasting your time reading me. If you like Venom and Motorhead, you should definitely grab a copy of this album and give it a go. I’m not going to name every song i like from this album because frankly I like all of them and I’ll probably bore you, which is what this album isn’t going to do and I wanna keep this review all matchy-matchy. Athenar managed to mix some Rock ‘n Roll, N.W.O.B.H.M., Punk and 1st wave Black Metal in such a good ratio that made a perfect mix of satanic lust, filth and sleaze.