Genre: Speed/Black ‘n Roll
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Hell’s Headbangers
Year: 2017

Sweet Death and Ecstasy is really good. Actually, more than really good. It’s far better than the previous and a bit tasteless ‘No Mercy For Mayhem’, it’s not even close to ‘Satanic Royalty’ and it’s stands proud with an attitude without needing the (fucking awesome) ‘Shox Of Violence’ to push it up. From the first note you get an ode to orgy, the worship of Venom and the slow for the band’s standards ‘Crushed By Demons’, bears a Celtic Frost reek that pollutes the air and puts you in an unhealthy mood. Next comes the “hit”, the beloved of Lucifer himself, entitled ‘Penetratal Ecstasy’. Virgin Mary would be proud and no more a virgin. This track would easily fit in ‘Satanic Royalty’ or in the local video store in the adult section. On this album the sound is closer to ‘No Mercy than the filth of Shox’. Too bad because they had this huge cave sound in Shox. In some points you would like so more of the Midnight-ish dryness while in some other parts where some Black Oak Arkansas come out, this kind of production gives them more fat. ‘Melting Brain’ and ‘Rabid ‘ are the best songs Venom never got to release for the past many many years. The first one borrows some vocal lines from the grand knight of the metronome, Cronos. The second one steals the riff of ‘Live like an angel’ and throws it in the blender and stands out with it’s Accept-ish refrain and Athenar being sharing out bad manners and bad language. Simply a fucking hymn. In a few words, the whole album smiles to you with it’s rotten teeth except for a couple of boring moments. Vulgarity reaches it’s peak through the album take for example the speedy ‘Poison Trash’ and the addictively dirty ‘Bitch Mongrel’. The cover is vulgar too and totally representative of the lyrics which are written once more outside a whorehouse, on the knee, defiantly puking yesterday’s beans with unchewed corn upon all savoir vivre and praing the charity organization “Prostitution Mania”. You get that and nothing more when Athenar sounds like Cronos in some points and gives us the best album that never released for many years now. We’ve been there before. The banner with the triple six is heavy and Midnight carry it with pride and honor for the Goat for many years now and besides a couple simple good releases they have a discography envied by lots of bands, big or smaller ones. The leaders.