Genre: Heavy / Thrash Metal
Country: U.K.
Year: 2017

I must make clear to everyone that with the following review I don’t think we’re dealing with the authentic Millenium. I’m not relegating anyone, I just think it’s better to treat them as a brand-new band or at least as a Toranaga mutation, than as a natural sequel to the legendary Millenium. They don’t have the same musical style, nor do I see any N.W.O.B.H.M. approach or complexity. The two remaining members of the original lineup, Mark Duffy (vocals) and Steve Penell (drums), with the help of guitarist Dave Hardy, an active member since 1985, and two new members, Andy Fisher (bass) and Will Philpot (guitar) basically forced a restart to the band with more modern sound, clean production but also plenty of old school elements. The band sounds closer to Thrash than to the traditional heavy metal and flirts with the American Power Metal genre in a mix that sounds pretty enthusiastic and explosive. Of course, clichés are not avoided, though with a fresh glance, in the end there is a balance of modernism and old-fashioned aesthetics. There are similarities to and influences from Accept, Laaz Rockit, Toranaga, Heathen and Metal Church and will remind many of you of ‘Caught In A Warzone’ that No Remorse Records cut in 2016 with the demos the band recorded between 1985-88 and never found their way to an album until now. To be quite honest I would have preferred a musical direction closer to their roots, but the final result – without impressing me – won me so in the end I was pleased enough. I should mention at this point that the lyrics are well written and with a clear social, sensitized and almost political points. I distinguished ‘Rise Above’, ‘False Reality’, ‘When Mad Men Rule’, ‘Revolution Calls’ and ‘Possessed’.