Germany’s MINAS MORGUL are back with a new full-length, entitled “Heimkehr”! Highly motivated, with a bunch of fresh ideas and a revamped line-up featuring Robse of EQUILIBRIUM on vocals.

It will be released via Trollzorn as follows:

15.01.2021 : LP & Ltd. Box // 22.01.2021 : CD // 05.02.2021 : Digital

MINAS MORGUL stands for expressive and melodic Pagan Black/Death Metal with an own twist. Their seventh album “Heimkehr” (means “homecoming”) has become a versatile work, which is firmly anchored in the band’s roots on the one hand but also takes up new facets that were already evident on 2017’s “Kult”.

A lyric video for the track “Totenschiff” can be checked out here:

1. Prolog: Sturm aus Ost
2. Heimkehr
3. Niedergang
4. Stein um Stein
5. Scheitan
6. Weltenfall
7. Totenschiff
8. V.F.
9. Dein Erwachen
10. Epilog: Tiefe Narben