Genre: Progressive Metal
Country: Italy
Label: Rockshots Records
Year: 2022
 MindAheaD was born in 2010 by the will of guitarist Nicola D’Alessio. After a couple of line-up changes, the current line-up consists of Kyo Calati (female voice), Sandro Macelloni (male voice, backing vocals and keyboards), Guido Scibetta (guitar), Matteo Prandini (bass) and Matteo Ferrigno (drums). MindAheaD return in 2022 with their sophomore album “6119 Part 1” via Rockshots Records to follow their 2017 debut full-length “Reflections”. Just like its predecessor, the band’s new offering is once again a concept album with a complex, personal and unusual sound to test the limits of their songwriting. “6119 Part 1” is a continuation of the previous work on “Reflections”, which will tell us the story of 6119, the main character, through a surreal, oneiric journey, always poised between physical space and the realm of the mind. Trapped in this dreamlike kaleidoscope, he proceeds heedless of the consequences, hoping to find at the end of the journey (the “Part II,” currently in production) the reason why all this is happening to him. Merging different aspects, sometimes opposite, of human feeling, bringing them together in a colorful and personal musical proposal, which has its roots in influences ranging from prog 70s to death metal. It is recommended for fans of Opeth, Ayreon, Haken, Katatonia and Pink Floyd.