Genre: Grindcore
Country: Germany
Label: EveryDayHate records
Year: 2015

Having just turned their musical steering wheel in a more groove-punk paths the Germans Mindflair present their third full length album. They brought to my mind Uncurbed and Venomous concept that along with some sludge parts, they create “Scourge of Mankind”! The production is quite loose and has something of “Need the Control” album, as the voice has many influences from Kevin Sharp, which is not negative at all, cause its totaly connected with the style of the band. Thirteen dynamic songs that keep the listener on an enduring explosion! Mindflair is a pure live band, those who have seen them on stage, they definitely remember that adrenaline is located at 100%, and ok they worship grass but their music definitely refer to amphetamines (!).For those who are in love with Eyehategod up to Soilent Green and Brutal Truth, check and support this work, released on cd and vinyl through Polish EveryDayHate records, who else!!? What made a super positive impression is the cover of the album. It has nothing to do with the classic grindcore artworks, it’s totally different and the colors blend incredibly together. A very nice and original work!