Genre : Modern Melodic Prog Metal
Label: Self – released
Year: 2017

MINDLANE are a band from Skepplanda – Sweden, that made their first appearance with Joonas Niskanen (ex-AMARANTHE and CHARACTERS) on guitars and bass, Reine Svensson (ex-OUTSHINE) on vocals, Hannu Makela (ex-CHARACTERS) on drums and Andreas Solvestorm(ex-AMARANTHE) as a guest on brutal vocals.

This release is a combination of Progressive Metal and Djent, with plenty of sharp and heavy riffs on guitars (Meshuggah style), that are shaking the atmosphere and groovy drumming that along with the melancholic clean vocals and soft and subtle keyboards, create an interesting contrast that makes this release, an enjoyable listen. The production is great because all instruments are balanced sound-wise, while simple structures and short duration of tracks manage to make the 45 minutes of this album, not tiring at all. The downside is that I would prefer just the clean vocals without any type of brutal screams (even though I am a fan of this combo) only because in this case, despite the dynamic they create, they don’t add anything of substance, they just taking away any warmth and cool aesthetics that Reine Svensson creates, with the way he sings. Certainly, I’m expecting more from MINDLANE in the future, because they seem to have what it takes, but they didn’t succeed on composing a song that will stuck with me. They’re worth checking out, though…