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Genre: Heavy Rock
Label: Metal Blade
Year: 2015

Mirror is a new band made from people that have already made a name one way or another in the metal scene. Bass player Tas Danazoglou (Satan’s Wrath, Diavolos, ex Electric Wizard), Matt Olivo (Repulsion) and Stamos K. (Satan’s Wrath, Mencea, ex Ravencult) on the guitars and the known mostly as a producer Jaime Gomez Arellano on drums. With the past of those lads it would be easy to think that a new speed-thrash-extreme something project would be on the way, but it is not quite the case. With the addition of the relatively unknown, but mighty singer Jimmy Mavromatis, Mirror is trying to encapsulate the essence of what the heavy rock of the mid’ 70s had to offer.

Nor proto metal retro stuff, neither rock and roll revival, it is heavy rock in the veins of Rainbow, Deep Purple, the Roth period of Scorpions and the early days of NWOBHM (Iron Maiden and Angelwitch in their more rock to the roots moments) that is the inspiration for Mirror. There is no room to question whether this would apply to today’s audience or trends. Who gives a fuck anyway? When you listen to a complete and excellently produced record like the homonymous of Mirror there is nothing else to do but to reap its musical fruit. With galloping rhythms, guitar melodies and solos that would make Mr. Blackmore happy for his grandchildren topped by incredibly clean and strong vocals this album just flows and flows with a gallant spirit and endless passion for music. The sound is so modern that you can’t speak about any drawback in time, yet the vibe is this timeless aura that rock and roll in its heavier version feeds generations one after another the last 50 years. It is for moments like the epicness in the chorus of “The Year of The Red Moon” and the one in “Cloak of a Thousand Secrets”, or the succession of solos in “The Curse of The Gypsy” that we listen to this music and Mirror managed to deliver the essentials and the necessary in an effortless manner. “Madness And Magick” could have been sung by the Man On The Silver Mountain himself as it fits to his Rainbow era both musically and lyrically. “Galleon” is an early Maiden-esque powerful song, Killers style, “Orion’s Sword” a beautiful melodic prelude that gives way to yet another epic and closing song of the album with the Sabbathic intro and the mystic outro, “Elysian”.

Ah, the 70s heavy rock, what an era. Now that our heroes from that age are fading away or have already Caught The Rainbow, we should be thankful that there are bands like Mirror to remind us of the power and the glory this music holds with an up to date sound and a humble approach to the musical tradition. Raise your fists and listen to the sound of the glass falling down as the Mirror breaks.