Genre: Rock
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Tee Pee Records
Year: 2015

One of the benefits you gain by writing for Metal Invader, is the chance you’re given to discover new, nice music of the vast hard sound. So, when the “boss” asked me to hear the fresh second album of New Yorkers Mirror Queen, I came across a band I wasn’t familiar with, but despite that, the band didn’t fail to impress me.

The first thing that distinguishes before you even listen to the album is the label that releases this job. It’s Tee Pee Records, which is a guarantee, since in its roster pop up names like Earthless, Karma to Burn, Naam, Truckfighters, The Atomic Bitchwatch, Kadavar, Ruby The Hatchet and a lot of other similar heavy and cumbrous goodies.

Mirror Queen So don’t lack at all in quality, comparing them to the aforementioned names and I would say that they manage to combine their influences in an excellent way that, although they have a common denominator in the 70s era, they spread over a fairly wide range that it’s not easy to fit the right way into an album. Early Scorpions and Priest, UFO and Thin Lizzy are thrown into the mixer, mingling them well with the prog-rock of Camel, of Wishbone Ash and Jethro Tull, with a little touch of that Sabbath necessary element to blend everything together nicely and at the end, a good NWOBHM coating with just enough psychedelia. Now their impressive dish is ready to be served. Take for example the opening track “Scaffolds Of The Sky”; the way it sails through the early Scorpions’ riff in a few minutes, the way it reaches pure psychedelia and then creating a prog-rock bridge, before going back to where they started and all this without losing any If the consistency of the composition. The second “Quarantined” is a very early metal song, and the next and my favorite “Strangers In Our Own Time”, a Sabbath-psychedelic composition that doesn’t hesitate to increase its speed moving towards the end.

More or less, this is the logic prevailing in all the seven tracks of the album and in combination with the very good level of technical playing, it gives to Mirror Queen the necessary personality that every new band need in order to swim safely in the vast sea of new music and reach the shore as a winner.

Will they succeed? Time will tell; however, they got what is needed!

4.5 / 6